Hyundai Electric FAQs

Hyundai Electric Vehicles Charging

There are many benefits associated with switching to an electric vehicle, and our team at Wolfchase Hyundai is happy to help you select your perfect new EV. From the environmental benefits of driving a car that produces no or low emissions to the ability to save money on fuel, EV benefits are exceptional. However, before you start shopping for a new EV, you may have a few questions that our team at Wolfchase Hyundai can answer. These are the more common questions we receive from our valued customers.

What is an EV?

An EV, or electric vehicle, has an electric motor driven by a rechargeable battery. This electric motor may be used in combination with a combustion engine or be the vehicle’s exclusive power source.

What are the Types of EVs?

There are several types of electric vehicles that you may come across as you search for your next car or SUV. Hybrid and plug-in hybrids use a combination of a gas-powered combustion engine and a battery-driven electric motor. An all-electric vehicle only has a battery-driven motor. A hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, which may also be referred to as an FCEV, is another option. It uses hydrogen-based energy.

How Do You Charge an EV’s Battery?

There are two primary charging methods for batteries in electric vehicles. If you have a hybrid vehicle, the battery will be recharged as you drive. Specifically, the kinetic energy that your brakes produce as you drive is converted into charging power for the battery through a process known as regenerative braking. Plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles are recharged through a power outlet. Many EV batteries can be recharged through a 110-volt household power outlet, and others use a 240-volt fast-charging station installed in the home. There are thousands of stations positioned strategically across the country for on-the-road charging.

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