Quarantine Car Care Tips

Whether your Hyundai is parked in your driveway until the heat of the pandemic subsides, or you are relying on your vehicle more heavily than usual, you cannot take chances with its care and maintenance. Every vehicle requires regular maintenance services, and this includes Hyundai models that are not being driven frequently. Some Hyundai owners are tentative about visiting a service center at this time, but there are steps that you can take to keep your Hyundai running well without impacting your well-being.

Go for a Drive

When some of your car’s vital components are not used regularly, damage can develop. For example, if your Hyundai remains untouched for more than a few weeks, the battery may lose power, and the brakes could begin to rust. The tires, hoses, belts, and other features could also become irreparably damaged. You can easily prevent these damages by taking your Hyundai out for a drive every week or two. Plan to spend at least 20 minutes behind the wheel to keep it running smoothly.

Change the Oil

Changing the oil in your Hyundai is one of the most straightforward and most essential steps for engine care. You do not need to spend time close to other drivers in a service shop lobby to get your car the oil change that it needs. One idea is to change the oil yourself. There are numerous instructional videos online that you can watch for assistance. In some cases, your mechanic may let you remain in your car while the oil is changed.

Check Under the Hood

Periodically, you need to give your car’s components a visual inspection. Open the hood, and look for signs of corrosion and leaks. Then, check the belts and hoses for signs of cracking or holes. If you identify any issues, you may be able to repair some of them on your own before a more severe problem develops that requires professional attention.

You understandably want to minimize your time in a public environment, but you also need to take great care of your Hyundai. Use these essential tips to keep your Hyundai well-maintained for the duration of the pandemic, and connect with a Hyundai associate if you have any pressing questions or concerns.