Ways to Save

Tips For Easy Savings On Our New and Used Hyundai Models-And More

Buying a new or used car is no small task. In fact, many rank it near buying a house as one of the more overwhelming, stressful, and easy-to-put-off decisions. Much of that anxiety may come from the numerous ins and outs, worrying about getting a good deal, managing payments, and cost of ownership. But here at Wolfchase Hyundai, we do things a little differently–with the goal of taking the worst of the stress out of the equation.

How to I Get the Best Deal on My Car?

That’s the thousand-dollar question that’s on many prospective buyer’s minds, and it’s easier than you think. Depending on your needs, and whether you’re shopping for a new Hyundai model, or one of our quality pre-owned options, there are numerous avenues to explore.

Ways To Save On a New Car

Although the idea of saving money on a car fresh from the factory might seem like a pipe dream to many, there are more ways than you might think. Starting off by planning the time frame to acquire the vehicle is a good place to start. Labor Day, Memorial Day, the Holidays, and New Year’s coincides with one of our many annual sales events, which brings exciting new Hyundai specials to the table. By planning your purchase around one of these events, you potentially align yourself with deals that don’t require any money down, lower monthly APR, and offers for both leases and loans.

Deciding between whether to lease or loan a new car is another way that you can save money. This decision is often one that shoppers stress out over, but what it really comes down to is your needs, driving habits, and budget. The fundamental difference between loaning and leasing, after all, is what you pay for. When you sign onto a loan, you’re responsible for the entirety of a vehicle’s MSRP, plus interest and any fees, and normally, this can result in higher monthly payments. Leasing, on the other hand, bases its monthly cost on how much of the car’s residual value is lost over the agreed term, with some limitations on mileage and customization. Yet the lower monthly payments make it an attractive option for many.

But the best way to save on a new vehicle is knowledge. The more research you do, the more insight you’ll have into features that speak to you and your priorities on the road. That way, you’re actually buying the car you want-not the car you want with expensive bells and whistles you’ll never use. It also opens up room in your budget for accessories, other options, and the exciting equipment you want.

Last but not least, see our shopping tools for ways that military service members, college grads, and others can save.

Ways To Save On a Used Car

Just because you’re going the “new-to-you” route doesn’t mean you can’t find excellent savings. After all, people don’t just buy used cars because they’re cheap. A tried-and-true offering with all teething problems ironed out, a car with a bit more analogue magic, or a preferred model year are all reasons we get often, and we understand. So we bring you the savings and deals to match.
Like our new cars, you can find pre-owned specials for our used models, as well. These can run the gamut from lower interest rates to complimentary maintenance, and more. Beyond that, you can shop in three categories. The most inexpensive options can be found in our bargain inventory, which feature reliable options priced under $10,000.

Opting for a certified pre-owned Hyundai is another way to save over the cost of a new car. Many of these vehicles are fresh from lease agreements, and have undergone a thorough inspection process by OEM-certified technicians. Backed by impressive warranty coverage and accessible prices, these models may be pricier than our traditional pre-owned offerings, but the benefits are larger than life.

Other Ways to Save

But there are more ways to get a great deal on your next car, regardless of whether you shop new or used. For example, our website has options to either pre-qualify, or submit a financing application for your loan or lease. This can exponentially speed the process when you arrive at our dealership, and also give you an up-front look at what’s available to you.

Having a car to trade-in is another valuable asset to save money, and our site also can give you a preliminary estimate of the value of your trade. That will take the edge off your down payment, and may even help lowering your monthly balance in the long term. Keep a calculator handy and run the numbers-you might be surprised by how much of an edge it takes off.

And last but not least, we recommend choosing an automaker that makes accessible pricing and value its priority. If you’ve made it this far, then rest assured you’ve already chosen wisely. Our lineup of Hyundai models bundles features, quality, and value with low starting MSRPs and stellar long-term reliability. Backed by a 10-year/100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty-one of the best you’ll find-a cost-effective car is a default part of the car-buying process.