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Hyundai consistently introduces the latest innovations into its new vehicles. As a result, you can always anticipate great things from the current Hyundai lineup. At Wolfchase Hyundai, we want to show off the exciting updates to today’s models, and we will happily tell you about the innovations that could transform your driving experience in future models. Many of our customers have heard about NVIDIA DRIVE, and they are curious about what it is.


The future of the auto industry is rooted in autonomous vehicles. NVIDIA DRIVE describes the range of platforms developed to bring the independent driving experience to life. Platforms currently available or in development include DRIVE IX, DRIVE AGX, DRIVE AV, and others. Many of the current Hyundai models you can check out in our current inventory at Wolfchase Hyundai have some assistive technologies. Our sales reps are happy to demonstrate these features to you during a test drive experience. We can also answer your questions about how the NVIDIA DRIVE autonomous platforms may be incorporated into our future models.

Learn More About NVIDIA DRIVE

Our full Wolfchase Hyundai team is passionate about sharing our current and future vehicles’ features and capabilities with you. Whether you want to get the full scoop on NVIDIA DRIVE platforms for the future or learn about current assistive technologies in today’s models, contact us today.

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